Chariman's Profile
Dr.P.Selvaraj is a doyen among the elite and learned circle in Tamilnadu.He has been instrumental for the rapid growth of several institutions in and around Tamilnadu.He is a great philosopher,guide and mentor.
He actively promotes and funds education among the poor and rural masses.He was awarded the Doctorate by the Florida University,USA for his “Methods of preventing children from discontinuing their education in the primary level”.
As the secretary of the consortium of Self-Financing professionals Arts and Science and Engineering colleges in Tamilnadu,he plays a key role in the formulation and implementation of educational policies of the Government.
He is also a member of the Trichy District Welfare Committee headed by the District Collectotr,Trichy and is responsible for the various development activities of the Trichy district.
Chairman's Message
Dear Brilliant future citizens of INDIA,
The Process of Learning has a place between doing and becoming. In Shivani School of Business Management (SSBM), you will become what you want to become. SSBM is not to teach you but make you learn, SSBM will elevate you by training you, accept mentally and subsequently in your heart that you have gone beyond conventional theories. This is quite a bold approach for an institute like SSBM to take, with total and only interest of widening your minds making them broadminded, because after all “education is supposed to bring broadmindedness”. Your potentialities and abilities are unlimited. In SSBM, we unfold and make you realize this and build totally balanced HUMAN LEADERS to LEAD INDIA.